The Hounds of Boxerville

Thomas and I were invited by Mark and Sue Pepe to join a group of letterboxers for a Pinecone Adventure to Dartmoor. This is the third Pinecone Adventure to the Moors and our first. We are so incredibly happy and honored to be traveling with this group to the birthplace of letterboxing. Our trip takes place from August 28 - September 11, 2014. This blog will chronicle the trip as well as activities before and after the trip.

Pinecone Adventures Returns to the Moor with The Hounds of Boxerville.

The road in front of us grew bleaker and wilder over huge russet and olive slopes, sprinkled with giant boulders. Now and then we passed a moorland cottage, walled and roofed with stone, with no creeper to break its harsh outline.
- from The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

My England Letterboxes Found

We are vacationing in England and part of that trip was in Dartmoor and part of it was in Brighton and London. These are the letterboxes we found in England but not in Dartmoor. The Dartmoor finds are listed at My Dartmoor Letterboxes Found.

# Box Name Area/City Found
1 Circle of Stones Stonehenge, Amesbury 08/29/2014
2 Blackadon #1 Blackadon Cottages, Ivybridge 08/29/2014
3 Blackadon #2 Blackadon Cottages, Ivybridge 08/29/2014
4 The Hounds of Boxerville Blackadon Cottages, Ivybridge 09/03/2014
5 The Brits Are Always Welcome Bonehill Rocks, Widecombe-in-the-Moor 09/03/2014
6 Talk Like a Pirate Day Series: Pirates of Penzance Blackadon Cottages, Ivybridge 09/04/2014
Letterboxing in England!

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